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Pacific Aquaculture

Nespelem, Washington

Pacific Aquaculture

Pacific Aquaculture, an all-natural, sustainable steelhead farm in Nespelem, WA, was added to our aquaculture operations in 2008. Its location on the Columbia River in a remote part of the Okanogan Highlands offers conditions that are ideal for steelhead, particularly with its steady cool river flow. We use all-natural feed ingredients – absolutely no growth hormones, growth promoting antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides. The Skretting feed provides a balanced diet of natural, sustainable ingredients that uses Astaxanthin (Phaffia yeast) to provide a natural pigment to the fish.

A balanced environment creates healthier, larger fish, and our steelhead is processed in HAACP certified facilities within hours of leaving their pens. This allows for fresher fish, better quality and more nutritional value. Toward this end, our team members at the farm continuously monitor water quality to ensure the healthiest fish possible.

For a healthy, sustainable, all-natural meal, try our Columbia River Farmed Steelhead!

For more information, please contact us at:
Pacific Aquaculture
3378 Columbia River Road
Nespelem, WA  99155
Phone: 509-634-1962

John Bielka, Aquaculture Manager