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BioOregon Protein

Warrenton, Oregon

BioOregon Protein

BioOregon Protein is located on the Pacific Coast of Oregon in Clatsop County. We have been in the same area for over 70 years and moved to our Warrenton location in 1946. Our physical plant including manufacturing, research, maintenance, and warehousing facilities encompasses 10 acres adjacent to the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean. Since our beginning, we have been involved in processing marine fish and shellfish by-products obtained from regional food-grade fish processors. We have extensive technical capability, years of processing and manufacturing experience, and a complete, rigorous quality assurance program including traceability of raw materials. BioOregon Protein has always been a “green” company focused on sustainable and natural products. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Seafood Group.

For more information, please contact us at:

BioOregon Protein, Inc.
PO Box 429
Warrenton, OR 97146