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Coast Seafoods Eureka

Eureka, CA

Coast Seafoods Eureka

Our Eureka, CA location sustainably grows and harvests Pacific and Kumamoto Oysters on federal and state certified shellfish growing areas of Humboldt Bay.

All shellfish in Humboldt Bay are grown using off bottom culture techniques. These techniques are widely recognized as friendly to the environment and produce an extremely fit oyster with a delicate flavor profile. The long-Line culture is the primary technique and Humboldt Bay Kumamoto’s are recognized worldwide as a premium product.  Oyster seed is grown on our recycled oyster shells which are inserted into strands of rope suspended a few feet above ground with posts. Oysters grown using this method take approximately 2 years to reach harvestable size.

Coast Seafoods is proud to be growing a new product called Redwood Curtain Kumamotos using intertidal hanging baskets made by SEAPA of Australia. Kumamoto’s are naturally known for their deep cupped shell and the SEAPA baskets accentuate this by gently tumbling the oysters and produce an even deeper cupped and consistent animal which chefs desire. The meat content maintains the slightly salty, buttery flavor with a melon finish that is a favorite of oyster lovers around the world.

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