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Washington Crab

Westport, Washington

Washington Crab

Washington Crab has always been synonymous with excellence. As a specialized facility, they are well-known for the highest standards for both Dungeness Crab and Pacific Coldwater Shrimp.

Located on Grays Harbor in Westport, WA, Washington Crab was acquired by Pacific Seafood in 1993. Washington Crab had already established the SeaRock brand, which is known for its consistently high quality crabmeat. With this reputation and full integration into the Pacific Seafood Group in 1994, the SeaRock brand was extended to include other products and an expanded market base.  Well known for high quality of all its products, SeaRock has been the model for excellence and consistency.

Washington Crab is one of Pacific Seafood's biggest sources of Dungeness Crab. Producing a wide range of products such as whole cooked crabs, crab sections, fry legs and crabmeat, they offer a year-round supply of this mouthwatering delight.

Opposed to boiling, Washington Crab blanches the crabmeat. This process reduces bacteria, enhances the color of the meat and improves shelf life. Using a nitrogen freezer, the Dungeness Crab is immediately frozen and then available for year-round consumption.

The SeaRock quality also applies to Pacific Coldwater Shrimp. We are one the largest processors of Pacific Coldwater Shrimp in the world.

For more information, please contact us at:
Washington Crab Producers
1980 N Nyhus Street
Westport WA  98595

Bill Weidman, General Manger