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Frank M. Dulcich Frank M. Dulcich was born in 1900 in Stari Grad, Croatia as one of 10 children.

Due to financial hardships, Frank started work at a young age helping his father, a farmer, make wine and olive oil. In 1920, after seeing no improvement in Stari Grad's economy, the Dulcich family packed their bags, boarded a boat to Ellis Island and took the train to Portland, Oregon, where they established their new lives.

While in Portland, Frank tried his hand in the seafood business with his brother, George Dulcich, at the Plancich Fish Company, owned by his uncle. Frank moved to Fresno, California to try and make it on his own and follow in his father's footsteps by opening his own vineyard. After a few years of unsuccessful farming, he decided to move back to Portland and began peddling fish off the back of his car, selling salmon and oysters.

Frank had established stable employment in 1924 when he met and eventually wed Antoinette Lucin, a beautiful young Croatian woman he had met at a party with friends. Shortly thereafter, Frank opened up his first business, A Dulcich Inc, named after his wife. At the height of the Depression the company couldn't turn a profit and went bankrupt two years later. His next endeavor was to team up with a friend and start a new company, TL Russell and Dulcich. A few years into the business, TL Russell decided to retire and the business closed and Frank went back to peddling fish.

Dominic Dulcich

Having saved up his money from selling fish, Frank risked all he had to start his third company, Pacific Seafood, with his son Dominic. This time Frank quickly distinguished himself from other stores in the area. Due to their success, Pacific was approached by Bay City Oysters Company, one of their competitors who was going bankrupt, and was asked to buy out the business. Within a few months Dominic got his first supermarket account, Bazaar Big C, which gave Pacific the resources to purchase two more companies.

The Dulcich family knew their company would only survive if they worked harder than their competition. This passion led them to work for 31 years until they took their first vacation in 1972. Frank's grandson, also named Frank, had graduated from the University of Portland to join the family business as one of its 18 employees. From its humble beginnings in 1941, Pacific Seafood has grown to employ over 2500 people at over 35 facilities, with processing and distribution facilities in seven states. Although the company has grown in size, it is still family-owned and family-focused while always being dedicated to delivering the best seafood products and the best customer service anywhere.