About Us



For more than 70 years, Pacific Sustainable Seafood has served the oceans by harvesting, processing and distributing the highest-quality and best tasting seafood to our loyal consumers.

It is our responsibility to serve the oceans through a continuous commitment to sustainable fishing practices. Not only does this help protect the longevity of our oceans and the important ecological balance within them, but it means we can continue to serve your family great tasting seafood for generations to come.



Knowing when, where and who harvests our seafood is the key to providing the best seafood to all of our customers.


Quality Assurance

We take great pride in proactively offering the safest seafood to consumers and consistently strive for zero percent defects in our processing standards.

From our wharfs to our warehouses, quality assurance standards are met at every step.

How do we do this? From our in-house labs, portside inspections and comprehensive product and process quality assurance (QA) evaluations every two hours, we meet and surpass the standards.

Our substantial, highly trained and experienced QA teams are on site from our state of the art processing facilities to our packaging depots, ensuring only the very best seafood can be called Pacific Sustainable Seafood.


One Team, One Goal

When you work for a company who cares about you, you’re inspired to excel. That’s why we own, manage and support every channel.

Our vertical integration allows us to rapidly bring to market, the most traceable, carefully managed value-added seafood products at their nutritional and flavorful peak.

From our fine fishermen and their boats to the transport, processing and packaging, every aspect of the business is part of the Pacific Sustainable Seafood family. As a unified team from the docks straight to the head office, we all care about providing you and your family the best the ocean has to offer.


Protecting the Oceans & Earth

One of the benefits of owning all aspects of our seafood business is that we can find ways to reduce our environmental impact in all areas.

We've made the reduction of packaging waste and greenhouse gas emissions a top priority.

Eco-friendly initiatives are everywhere, such as on our owned and operated Steelhead farm on the Columbia River where we only use sustainable and natural feed. We have also substantially reduced the amount of petroleum-based packaging we use helping us decrease our carbon footprint and waste even further.


We now pack all orders in 100 percent recyclable Greenshield® boxes. Since these require less space on trucks, we can pack more, meaning less trips and trucks on the road.



We are constantly looking at ways to ensure we make ecologically and ethically sound choices to ensure we conserve ocean resources for all future generations.

—Members of the following:—

  • Member of Ocean Trust
  • Founding Charter member of the National Fisheries Institute

By joining and supporting organizations that are dedicated to the same goal, we can remain on the frontier of ocean sustainability now and in the future.

  • + Member and supporter of The North Pacific Council
  • + Supporter of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC)
  • + Importer of products approved by Aquaculture Certification Council – Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) – recognized seafood products, standard targeted for all aquaculture imports
  • + 16 Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified processing facilities
  • + 25 MSC Certified species processed

Global Study

We've put together a small library of information from recognized scientists that has helped to identify methods on how to rebuild fisheries worldwide, best practices and rules to ensure conservation of fish stocks.