BioOregon Protein develops, manufactures and markets sustainable, fish-based ingredients for improving quality and value in pet food, aquaculture diets and animal feeds.  In addition, we produce specialty proteins for fermentation, and fish and shellfish-based organic fertilizers.

BioOregon Protein derives all of its products from fresh cuttings of seafood harvested and processed for human consumption.  Utilizing only fresh cuttings as raw material, means our products are wholesome and independent of the traditional fishmeal industry.  It is the right thing to do as it improves utilization and conservation of valuable marine resources.

BioOregon Protein first converted fish offal into salable, commercial products in 1937.  Early products we manufactured included natural vitamin A oil, medicinal creams, mink feeds, and traditional fish, crab and shrimp meals.  Since then, we have developed salmon and trout feeds, pet food flavors, fish and shellfish-based organic fertilizers, and novel high protein fishmeal and protein concentrates.  Our processing is unique as we use a variety of proprietary manufacturing approaches.

BioOregon Protein is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of all customers and markets we serve.  Our mission is to provide substantial and reliable supplies of sustainable fish and shellfish-based products that support innovative solutions for today’s feeding, formulation and fertilizing challenges.