Animal feeds account for 60- 70% of the total cost in livestock and poultry production.  To minimize cost, animals are often confined indoors and fed feeds formulated to hasten growth.  Modern least-cost formulations rely heavily on genetically engineered corn and soy as the primary ingredients.  However, there is increasing demand for meat, eggs and dairy products from animals fed with alternative nutrient sources; that is, natural, sustainable ingredients without antibiotics, not genetically modified, have improved ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fats and can boost DHA and EPA fatty acids.

BioOregon Protein manufactures and markets fish-based animal feed ingredients that are natural and sustainable.  All of our products are derived from marine fish originally harvested and processed for human consumption.  Feed ingredients we supply include traditional fish meal, specialty fish protein concentrate, best quality fish bone meal, marine fish oil, and condensed fish solubles.  These products have application in the production of natural-based and conventional animal feeds.

Please review the following products to learn more about how BioOregon Protein can help in formulation and manufacturing of animal feeds.