BioOregon Protein manufactures and markets dry and liquid natural organic fish and shellfish-based fertilizers.  Our products are ideal for establishing fertile soils and growing healthy plants.  They use nature’s way of supplying nutrients.  Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other critical elements are released slowly and evenly through normal soil biological activity.  In addition, our shellfish-based fertilizers contain significant levels of chitin.  This compound can act as a natural pesticide and help reduce parasitic nematodes which feed on plant roots.  Chitin is non-toxic to plants and animals.

All of our fertilizers are derived from fresh cuttings of seafood originally harvested and processed for human consumption.  This approach ensures our products are wholesome, nutrient dense and consistently available.  Utilizing only raw material from fisheries managed as renewable and sustainable natural resources reflects our commitment to responsible use of our oceans and estuaries.

Please review the following products to learn more about how BioOregon fertilizers can support natural and organic farming.