Shellfish - Pacific Seafood


Pacific Seafood prides itself on the highest quality oysters, mussels, and clams that are raised and processed in local waters along the West Coast and shipped all over the world.

The cool crisp waters of the Pacific Ocean, paired with the quaint coastal communities where our shellfish are raised, provide a pristine natural environment for them to grow and flourish.

Pacific Seafood’s aquaculture sector is industry-leading, providing the safest and highest-quality shellfish that can be enjoyed year-round.



Raised in the nutrient-dense waters of the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Seafood’s Pacific and Kumamoto oysters are best-in-class with an unseen quality compared to other oysters.

Our 4-Star BAP-certified oysters, begin their lifecycle at our hatchery in Quilcene, Washington. Once mature enough, our oysters are gently transported to one of our farms located among 17,000 acres of tideland along the Oregon, Washington, or California coast.  Our oysters are raised in pristine waters under the watchful eye of our farmers who closely monitor them as they grow.

Using our state-of-the-art harvesting methods, our team carefully harvests our oysters and maintains them in cool conditions between 38 – 45 degrees to our industry-leading food safety standards.


Grown in the quaint bays of Washington state, Pacific Seafood Manila clams remain the highest quality on the market.

For 15 – 18 months, our clams are raised in clean crisp waters – aiding in the coastline’s natural ecosystem. Once harvested, our Manila clams are cleaned and transported to one of our state-of-the-art processing facilities to make their final stop before shipping.

Pacific Seafood Manila clams are processed and handled at one of our Washington facilities to ensure the freshest and highest quality clams for our customers.


Pacific Seafood offers one of the highest quality mussels in the market, grown and raised in Penn Cove Bay in Coupeville, Washington, a charming coastal community of Whidbey Island.

Our Penn Cove mussels are grown in cool clear waters to ensure no interference to the 12 – 14 month growing process. Once the mussels are fully grown, they are gently brushed and cleaned feet from the water to reveal their smooth black shell.

After our mussels are harvested and cleaned, they are shipped all over the country under cool conditions to preserve their quality and freshness, while maintaining Pacific Seafood’s industry-leading safety standards.



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