Columbia River Steelhead - Pacific Seafood

Our steelhead farms are located on the Columbia River in a remote part of Washington’s Okanagan Highlands within the Colville Nation. We have a mutually beneficial relationship with the Native American Colville Tribe where we employ many tribe members as well as pay a royalty for use of their land. Over the years we have developed a strong working relationship and together provide millions of pounds of top quality steelhead to the market annually.

Careful nurturing of the fish from the hatchery to the farm ensures the best quality product for our consumers. Our Columbia River Steelhead are raised with a continuous flow of fresh water from the Canadian Rockies and a feed that mimics their diet in the wild. The clarity, temperature, and characteristics of the water provide the perfect conditions for raising the fish. They are also raised without hormones, pesticides, or herbicides, to deliver a high-quality, sustainable, and consistent product.