Fishing - Pacific Seafood

Offering a wide variety of seafood resources requires a global reach to both import and export the right species, at the right time, to meet the needs of the growing and demanding marketplace. Sustainable management of all our fisheries is critical to the preservation of our resources and has been a part of our corporate culture from the beginning. We know that the future of our fisheries is the future of our business. Our coastal communities, our team members, and all our constituents depend on us to continue to do the right thing regarding sustainable best practices.

In many of these communities, the fishing industry is a major contributor to their economic success and Pacific Seafood is proud to be one of the top employers and to work directly with 819 independent commercial fishing vessels who are all part of the Pacific Seafood family along with our own fleet. Pacific Seafood invests in these communities by partnering with state and local governments to develop marine infrastructure, reinvest in processing capacity to ensure that local fishermen have markets to offload their catch, engage on pressing local issues like workforce housing, and support innovative new economic development opportunities.

Pacific Seafood’s Fleet