Pacific Seafood CSR Report 2020

The Pacific Seafood Story Environment Sustainability Quality Assurance Communities Team Members What’s New? It is our responsibility to serve our oceans through a continuous commitment to sustainable fishing practices that protect our fisheries. Pacific Seafood works collaboratively with the NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, the Regional Fishery Councils, Departments of Fish and Wildlife in each state where we operate, state environmental departments and the NOAA Fisheries Policy Division to ensure our fisheries are robust and our stocks are sustainable long into the future. We also have a sustainable aquaculture program, which helps to meet the global demand for seafood, while keeping wild fisheries healthy. When managed carefully, both wild and farmed stocks will thrive for generations. We also work with the Dungeness Crab Fishing Gear Working Group in California which was instrumental in helping the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to create the Risk Assessment Mitigation Program (RAMP) regulations to minimize risk of whale and sea turtle entanglements while sustaining an economically viable Dungeness crab fishery. Protecting Our Fisheries 25