Pacific Seafood CSR Report 2020

Each February, members of our Pacific Seafood family gather at an Annual Leadership Conference to strategize on the company’s goals and vision for the year. Our theme for 2020 was Charting the Course as we reflected on how there will be winds of change we can anticipate, but also storms that we can’t. We focused on how we must be nimble and prepared to move waypoints as needed, but ultimately remaining unwavering in order to reach our desired destination. We couldn’t have known then just how relevant that theme would be. We would be applying those lessons only weeks later as the world confronted a “sudden storm” in the form of a global COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, we watched radical public health measures go into effect all over the world, disrupting international trade, closing customer businesses, and prompting changes in consumer buying behavior. At the same time, everyone was experiencing personal impacts in their own lives – children unable to go to school and learning from home, separation from our loved ones, and the exhaustion of dealing with stress, disruption, and uncertainty for long periods – with seemingly no end in sight. Yet when faced with unprecedented challenges, our team members responded. We pivoted our product selection to include an expanded line of Ready-to-Eat/Ready-to-Cook products to meet the demands of consumers who are cooking at home more than ever before. For our food service customers, we developed to-go meal kits featuring premium protein. Later in 2020, we became the first Official Meat and Seafood Provider for the Pac-12, opening the door to exciting new partnership opportunities with our customers. I am so proud of our company’s vertical integration, which continues to enable Pacific Seafood to deliver fresh/healthy proteins throughout the pandemic and keeping families nourished when they needed it most. Thank you for choosing us to serve you. Sincerely , Frank Dulcich - President & CEO Letter from our CEO Frank Dulcich President & Chief Excutive Officer of Pacific Seafood Group