Pacific Seafood CSR Report 2020

The Pacific Seafood Story Environment Sustainability Quality Assurance Communities Team Members What’s New? Traceability From our fishing partners and their boats, to the transport, processing, packaging, and delivery of our products, traceability in every aspect of our business is critical. As a unified team from the dock to the dinner table, we care about providing you and your family the best products the oceans and rivers have to offer. Transparency and traceability are key to our supply chain, which is why we developed our own proprietary traceability technology in 2002. This technology allows us to track any product we process from the water it was harvested all the way through to the store where it is sold or restaurant where it’s served. In addition, it also allows us to measure processing recovery, helping us continually improve our ability to reduce waste. Traceable from the dock to the dinner table 45