Exotics Update - Pacific Seafood

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By Jose Escobar
Updated Feb. 2020

January was not a good month for tuna as most fishermen tied up their boats and extended their New Year’s celebration for a few more weeks. Look at February to improve as boats are out and the catch is coming into the docks. Pricing will come down and supply will improve. Medium size tunas will not be as plentiful as large size fish, but the good news is that we will finally receive more offers and better prices for February.

Albacore supply from Tahiti and Fiji will pick up for the month of February. This fishery will be back on track with all of their boats out at sea. February is a good month to run any monthly specials as the overseas supplier will be very motivated to ship the product and recoup any losses they had from the very small amount of fish available to ship in January. The timing is perfect for all those Valentine menus promoting Albacore, and the arrival of Lent!

Mahi supply out of South America is tightening up a bit for the early part of February. Costa Rica will be slowing down as fishermen are switching their fishing gear and looking for other species other than Mahi. We do, however, anticipate for Mahi offers to arrive out of Central America and Mexico.


By Jose Escobar
Updated Feb. 2020

Swordfish prices were at an all-time high for the month of January as a result of very little fish available both locally and from overseas suppliers. February should see a big improvement as the supplier’s out of Costa Rica and Ecuador are switching their fishing gear and looking to catch more swordfish.

Wahoo/Ono supply remains in good shape. Look at supply to be available all month long. Prices will come down to their normal levels as more fish become available.

February will be a good month for Mexican exotics. Fishermen are returning from holiday and this will improve the availability of fish out of Mexico.