Seafood Sustainability Forum - Pacific Seafood

This event will bring together a group of industry leaders and experts to discuss the challenges and identify solutions to ensure the healthiest protein on the planet is available and abundant for generations to come. Experts in the industry will discuss such topics as:

  • What do the different certifications mean and who is issuing them?
  • Can something be sustainable if it isn’t certified?
  • How can you ensure your seafood is sustainable?
  • How do you incorporate sustainable seafood while maintaining profitability?

Featured panelists include:

  • Gil Sylvia, PhD., Marine Resource Economist and Director, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES)
  • Daisy Berg, Seafood Program & Category Manager, New Seasons Market
  • Justin Boevers, Program Director, FishChoice
  • Chef Michael Campbell, Executive Chef, Headwaters