How do I get my children excited about eating healthy?

Getting children excited about a dinner that features seafood takes more than just cooking it correctly. The key is to get them interested well before dinner is served. Here are three tips to help get your little ones asking for seafood at suppertime!

1. Shopping List

Let your kids help you make your shopping list. You could put Pacific Sustainable Seafood’s gluten-free fish sticks on the list and talk through with them what other sides they should have. Coach them into making the healthy decisions themselves. Taking something viewed as a finger food like fish sticks and putting them in tacos can make for a great well-balanced meal.

Children Eating Healthy

2. Shopping

Bring your kids along with you while shopping—they’ll see you putting thought and practice into making healthy purchasing decisions that hopefully will sustain in future generations. Our children are creatures of our habits; kids are not born with eating habits they are raised with them.

3. Cooking

Have them help cook! Give your children a small task that doesn’t require cutlery or dangerous kitchen tools. Have them break up lettuce, pull stems off fruit, peel back corn, sort out fish sticks on the pan before cooking—get creative and get them engaged. Your kids will not only feel involved but they’ll be engaged in the full cycle of meal creation and healthy living… and it’s amazing how they’ll discover new taste buds they never had before.

Children Eating Healthy