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Jul 19, 2012

Lawsuit Is A Retaliation Against Earlier Suit Filed by Pacific Seafood

PORTLAND, Ore. – July 19, 2012 – The suit filed by Mayer Brown in Washington, DC, seeking more than $5 million is in retaliation to the lawsuit filed months earlier by Pacific Seafood Group in Clackamas County, Oregon. It has no merit and Pacific will continue to pursue its own action against the firm. While Pacific does not want to comment on pending litigation, it is important to remember that while Mayer Brown was handling the litigation the plaintiffs’ class was certified and within a few months of the firm’s termination the entire case was resolved in a manner that some have referred to as “vindication” for Pacific.

Pacific was extremely unhappy with the work being done by Mayer Brown and that is what led to their termination. The attorneys and experts hired by Mayer Brown were not effectively addressing the issues in the case and as a result, Pacific Seafood turned the case over to its local Oregon attorneys, Esler, Stephens, & Buckley, who then quickly and efficiently resolved the litigation in a manner that left Pacific’s relationships with its fleet intact and established standards for the rest of the industry to meet.

While not surprising, it is disappointing to see Mayer Brown compounding litigation by filing a separate lawsuit over the same matter as Pacific’s earlier complaint for over billing. But, that is consistent with the manner that Mayer Brown handled the case for which Pacific had hired them.

The goal of lawyers in litigation should be to resolve disputes, and not to multiply them. We will vigorously contest the matter at hand.

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