Pacific Seafood Releases Fifth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “We Can” - Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood Releases Fifth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “We Can”

Pacific Seafood Releases Fifth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “We Can”

Portland, Ore., March 14, 2022

Pacific Seafood, provider of the healthiest protein on the planet, released its fifth annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing Pacific Seafood’s “We Can” approach to being socially responsible in all areas of its business including relationships with coastal communities, fishing practices in wild-capture fisheries, techniques and processes on their farms, and their interaction with our team members and the environment.  

Highlights of the report include: 

We Can Innovate 

  • Meal Solutions Division meets consumer demand for ready-to-cook items including the ability to skin pack, patty form, develop dips and spreads, marinate/preseason, and produce breaded and battered options 
  • New ovenable tray line features fresh, fully seasoned complete meals including sides that are packaged and prepared to ensure even cooking 
  • New FishTown organic fertilizer utilizes the raw materials from the cuttings generating in their plants which are ideal for establishing fertile soils and growing healthy plants 
  • Launched Tidal Tots, a delicious new twist on the tater tot  

We Can Educate 

  • Launched three new management programs including the Team Blue Leadership Readiness Program which develops emerging leaders from frontline teams allowing Pacific Seafood to build bench strength and promote from within 
  • Full tuition grant program through the University of Arizona Global Campus covers the full cost of tuition, technology, and graduation fees, as well as all required course materials 

We Can Sustain 

  • Pacific Seafood became the first company certified to offer Best Aquaculture Practices Four Star with the certification of their hatchery. Once the trout currently at the hatchery completes their full life cycle (approx. 9 months) they will carry the BAP four-star certification  
  • 50 certified sustainable (Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, or Aquaculture Stewardship Council) species currently offered—and counting 
  • 28 certified sustainable facilities/farms (MSC, BAP, or ASC) 
  • Processed nearly 100% of our rest raw protein (cutting scraps, bones, shells) into 13 million pounds of useable seafood meal and oil, preventing 80 million pounds of fish waste from entering U.S. landfills  

We Can Advocate 

  • Worked with the USDA on a first of its kind program to develop and issue purchase orders for West Coast Seafood. In May 2021 USDA made its historic first-time purchase of West Coast seafood for USDA food assistance programs 
  • Congressman Greg Walden joined the Pacific Seafood Board of Directors after recently retiring from representing western, central, and southern Oregonians in U.S. Congress  

We Can Give Back 

  • Donated to more than 160 nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where Pacific Seafood does business including Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Make-A-Wish, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation  
  • Official Meat and Seafood Provider of the Pac-12 Conference, Maui Jim Classic, Pac-12 Football Championship, Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Championship, and the Women’s International Champions Cup 
  • Donated more than 240k to address the aging water infrastructure in the town of Newport, Ore., one of the coastal communities we are proud to call home 

We Can Grow 

  • Pacific Seafood was recognized as a Top Workplaces USA 2022 award winner based solely on employee feedback 
  • Hosted 23 interns from across the US who completed 65 projects over the summer. Many interns were offered full-time job offers 
  • Launched the Diamond Improvement Idea Program that incentivizes team members for their ideas that save money/resources, drive revenue, improve efficiencies, or make Pacific Seafood safer 
  • Continued to give back up to 20% of profits to team members each year through 401K contributions and incentives 

Frank Dulcich, President and CEO of Pacific Seafood, said that this year’s report focuses on the company’s commitment to a Can Do attitude. “At Pacific Seafood, we don’t say ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I’ll try’. We say, ‘We Can’ and ‘We Will’. This nimbleness allows us to pivot our business where needed to meet the changing needs of our world. In 2021 we said ‘We Can’ to innovative meal solutions, rigorous quality assurance programs, responsible and sustainable fishing practices, and strategic partnerships. We are honored and proud to serve each and every one of you and look forward to all ‘We Can’ and ‘We Will’ accomplish together in the coming year.” 

About Pacific Seafood Group: Founded in 1941 Pacific Seafood remains a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing, processing, and distribution to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, and high-quality products. Pacific Seafood Group is headquartered in Clackamas, Ore. Learn more and order products direct to your door at