Pacific Seafood Releases Fourth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “Proudly Pacific” - Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood Releases Fourth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “Proudly Pacific”

Pacific Seafood Releases Fourth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “Proudly Pacific”

April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021—Portland, Ore.— Pacific Seafood, provider of the healthiest protein on the planet, released its fourth annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing efforts to be socially responsible in all areas of its business including sustainable fishing practices, food safety standards and the environment during 2020. Paramount this year was the company’s responsibility to their communities and extended Pacific Seafood family in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlights of the report include:

• 50 certified sustainable (Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, or Aquaculture Stewardship Council) species currently offered—and counting
• 28 certified sustainable facilities/farms (MSC, BAP, or ASC)
• Became an Official Partner of Team Green, an initiative of the PAC-12 that supports greening and sustainability on college campuses
• New Frozen at Sea (FAS) capabilities, allowing us to target a 100 percent retention rate
• New Fresh Locked Technology that naturally extends the shelf life of our products; thereby, reducing waste

• Processed nearly 100% of our rest raw protein (cutting scraps, bones, shells) into 13 million pounds of useable seafood meal and oil, preventing 80 million pounds of fish waste from entering U.S. landfills
• Committed to cutting food waste on the West Coast in half by 2030 as members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative Reducing Food Waste Initiative
• Invested in water treatment systems that re-introduce water to our rivers and oceans that is non-hazardous, contains no harmful chemicals, and leaves cleaner than when it entered the plant
• Recycled approximately 350,000lbs. of metal in 2020 through a partnership with Schnitzer Steel in Oregon

Giving Back
• Partnered with Snake River Farms and the Retherford Family (as seen on “Deadliest Catch Dungeness Cove”) to donate more than $3 million worth of premium proteins including 74,000 Wagyu steaks and 8,000 sustainable rockfish fillets to support increased demand on local food banks during the pandemic
• Helped facilitate a return to in-person learning for nearly 400 students in Warrenton, Ore., by providing Wi-Fi to a local summer camp with outdoor space for students to learn safely
• Donated to more than 160 nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where Pacific Seafood does business

Supporting the Industry
• Worked to assemble a national coalition of seafood industry participants to secure $600 million of assistance to fishery-related businesses that suffered a revenue loss of 35 percent or greater due to COVID-19
• As a Member of the Stronger America Through Seafood Board, Pacific Seafood advocates for an increase U.S. production of healthful, sustainable, and affordable seafood
• Reopened a processing facility in Brookings, Ore., that was no longer operated by a competitor, saving 34 local jobs and 17 independent trawlers

Products that Meet Demand
• COVID-19 dramatically changed shopping priorities as 48% of consumers are cooking from scratch more frequently. Pacific Seafood quickly ramped up our value-added production capabilities and focused on meal solutions that are easy to cook, yet provide a premium experience
• For food service customers, Pacific Seafood developed meal kit solutions and other items specific to a take-out experience

Team Members
• Introduced a new full tuition assistance program through University of Arizona that covers the full cost of tuition, technology, and graduation fees, as well as all required course materials
• Continued to give back up to 20% of profits to team members each year through 401K contributions and incentives

Frank Dulcich, President and CEO of Pacific Seafood, expressed that this year’s report demonstrates the pride our essential workers have in feeding the world the healthiest protein on the planet despite all odds. “Pacific Seafood team members responsibly and safely came together to stay open and operating during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure a constant supply of high quality, great tasting food. Not only did we fulfill that responsibility, we expanded our product offerings and opened new facilities. I’m so proud of our company’s commitment and vertical integration which enables us to not only deliver fresh, healthy proteins around the world, but to support and give back to our communities and partners. We are all stronger, together.”


About Pacific Seafood Group: Founded in 1941 by Frank Dulcich, Pacific Seafood remains a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing, processing, and distribution to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, and high-quality products. Pacific Seafood Group is headquartered in Clackamas, Ore. Learn more and order products direct to your door at