Hilton's - Pacific Seafood


Family Owned – Premium Quality since 1952

Hilton’s TM brand oysters have been a household name since 1946, and specialize in offering the highest quality Pacific oysters nationally. Our sustainable oysters start out in one of our hatcheries in Quilcene, Washington or Kona, Hawaii and are grown in the pristine waters of the Northwest on one of our farms located in Washington, Oregon, or California.

To ensure the freshest oysters, we shuck our oysters within one day of harvest. Our oysters are still opened the old fashioned way – by hand, with leverage and a little finesse, in one of our HACCP approved and SQF certified plants in South Bend, Washington, Bay City, Oregon, or Eureka, California. After shucking, we thoroughly wash our oysters three times and our experienced team sorts the oysters by size and quality. Their trained eyes select only the finest oysters to proudly bear the name Hilton’s.