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By Caleb Wardell
Updated Nov. 2019

Fresh King production is mostly limited to Alaskan troll fisheries which are still active. Catch though is limited and this has pushed the price well over the summer prices. The frozen market is relatively static on net kings even though production is lower than last year. Many producers got stuck with high priced inventory last year and don’t want a repeat season, this has pushed FAS and shore frozen troll kings down after a strong market last year.

The Sockeye season is over and most of the frozen has been sold from primary producer’s inventory. A near record catch has pushed the frozen market below last year’s levels. Boat prices however were up and processors are being squeezed. There are good volumes of sockeye in the market, though vacuum packed fillets are mostly cleaned up and didn’t see the same increase in volume that H/G did due to production capacity. With good availability, Sockeye should be promoted during the offseason, now through June when fresh production ramps up. Pacific Seafood has good availability of Sockeye salmon fillets in Pacific Premium and 49th Star brands and various forms of portions. Reach out to your sales rep for more information.


By Caleb Wardell
Updated Nov. 2019

Coho season has wrapped up and production was disappointing; the total production was over last year’s but well under the five-year average and projections. The fresh market was strong all season as well, pushing most of what was caught into the fresh market and leaving the frozen market dry. The gap in pricing between Coho and Sockeye is smaller than normal and this would be a good year to move to sockeye, which is a better value this offseason.

Chum production was well below projections this season and pricing increased about 60% from the start of the season to now. The last chance for relief was the Puget Sound fishery, though this is turning out to be a bust and is shutting down early due to low harvest numbers.

Pink salmon harvest hit 125 million fish, just over 90% of projections. The can market was short and a large amount of pinks went into the can. Frozen prices followed chums and took a leap in the middle of the season.