Family Feast Pack


1 bag Shrimp Scampi (12 oz bag)

4 Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillets (6 oz portions)

1 bag Wild Mexican Bay Scallops (12 oz bag)

4 Top Sirloin Steaks (8 oz portions)

2 Cedar Grilling Planks

1 Reusable Thermo Cooler Bag

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Est Lbs

Shrimp Scampi

P&D 31/40, 12 oz bag



Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Portions

6oz each individually vacuum packed portion



Wild Mexican Bay Scallops

12oz IQF, 60/100ct, all natural, diver caught



8oz Choice Top Sirloins

8oz vacuum sealed steaks



Pacific Seafood Cedar Plank

1 pack with 2 cedar planks



Thermo cooler reusable bag

1 blue insulated bag with zipper



  • Please ensure that you fully cook any raw products to USDA recommended internal temperatures before enjoying.

  • To ensure your products are at their peak quality before cooking, please thaw them in your refrigerator.

  • Please note that while every effort has been taken to remove all bones or shells, please use caution as some may remain. 

  • These products have been packed in a facility that handles shellfish.

Here at Pacific Seafood, we know the importance of family. Serving only the highest quality proteins to the people we care about is crucial, which is why we put together the Family Feast Pack. Full of savings and savory goodness, this pack will bring the fine dining experience into your home. The Family Feast Pack features choice Top Sirloins, Cedar Planks, and wildly delicious Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. We couldn’t be ‘shellfish’ here, so the pack includes our Shrimp Scampi as a versatile side and our Bay scallops, meticulously hand-picked by divers. This pack is completed with the Thermo Cooler bag, a reusable option for keeping your protein cold.