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Pair your Seafood with Fine Wine from the Pacific Northwest

Cathedral Ridge Winery Pacific Seafood

Your premium seafood experience can be greatly enhanced by pairing our exquisite items with a bottle of something special. That’s why we’ve partnered with Cathedral Ridge Winery, a family-owned Oregon winery with a wide selection of award-winning wines. See what we recommend below and order a bottle for your next special meal.

Wine Recommendations

Bright and lively, this neutral oak-aged Oregon Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with shellfish and white flaky fish. Enjoy the complex flavor profile of this classic white. Shop Chardonnay Today!
Tasting Notes: Also Pairs With:
Oak Sea Scallops
Pear Baked Tart Colossal Shrimp
Carmel Pacific Cod

Chardonnay Reserve
Single sourced from the Columbia Valley and aged for 16 months in new American oak barrels. Savor alongside crab, lobster, or something else light and decadent. Shop Chardonnay Reserve Today!
Tasting Notes: Also Pairs With:
Soft Vanilla Jumbo Lobster Tails
Lime Minerality King Crab Legs and Claws
Bright Finish Sablefish (Black Cod)

Pinot Noir
One of the most popular Pacific Northwestern wines. This regional favorite pairs well with the oils from wild salmon and other fatty fish. Shop Pinot Noir Today!
Tasting Notes: Also Pairs With:
Red Currant Wild Caught Selections
Soft Fruit Palate

The Daughters’ Reserve
This Rhone-inspired blend named for the winery owner's daughter. Complex flavors and aromas of ripe raspberry, blueberry, and currant are the perfect pairing for a fish like Steelhead. Shop The Daughters’ Reserve Today!
Tasting Notes: Also Pairs With:
Savory Herbs Smoked Columbia River Steelhead
Lively Palate
Warm Finish Premiere Protein Pack
Columbia River Steelhead Sampler

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
This wine opens with vibrant aromas, enchants with a gorgeous ruby color, and bewitches the taste buds. Try it with hearty seared meats or anything grillable. Shop Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Today!
Tasting Notes:
Toasted Cedar
Sturdy Tannins
Lingering Spice

Rock Star Red
A perfect blend of Cabernet and Syrah. This sultry and succulent wine is a fine accompaniment for crispy battered fish. Shop Rock Star Red Today!
Tasting Notes: Also Pairs With:
Berry Bramble Gluten Free Crispy Battered Halibut
Enticing Bouquet
Juicy Finish Crispy Battered Cod