Hand Packed Canned Albacore Tuna

24 cans Wild Albacore Tuna (6 oz portions)
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Est Lbs

Wild Albacore Tuna

Canned, Hand Packed

24x6oz cans


  • Wild Caught
  • 6oz/serving
  • Please ensure that you fully cook any raw products to USDA recommended internal temperatures before enjoying.

  • Please note that while every effort has been taken to remove all bones or shells, please use caution as some may remain. 

  • These products have been packed in a facility that handles shellfish.

Pacific Seafood Premium Albacore Tuna is an all-natural, hand packed, product of the USA perfect for a quick meal on the go. This wild and MSC certified sustainable premium albacore is naturally low in mercury, high in omega-3, low in sodium and contains zero trans-fat all while being dolphin safe as it is hook & line harvested. While canned tuna is usually stripped of all its flavor due to multiple cooking sessions, our product is tastier on sandwiches, salads, or casseroles because of our single cooked promise. That means all the moisture and flavor you love from albacore stays in our product rather than being lost well before you can enjoy it. Try this canned tuna today and take advantage of its free shipping!


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