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Your Ultimate Guide to Oyster Date Night at Home

How to Have a Perfect Restaurant-Quality Experience 


Oysters and Rose Petals for Valentine's Day



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Fresh Kumamoto Oysters


First things first: acquire your oysters. We offer fresh, live, hand-picked oysters, shipped to you overnight directly from where they're grown in Humboldt Bay, California. 

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Kumamoto Oyster close-up



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If you're not going to enjoy your oysters right away, store them in the fridge vertically (cup side down so the moisture doesn't run out). Cover with a damp towel; not something airtight. Live shellfish need air! Do not store in water. Your oysters should be kept at 28 °F – 36 °F and can be stored for 5 – 7 days after you receive them.


Oyster Shells



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Romantic candlelit dinner


Ambiance is the key to a romantic evening. No need to get elaborate; some soft lighting and the right tunes will work wonders. Clear off the table, hit the lights, and spark some candles. We recommend this smooth and elegant Dinner Jazz playlist to help set the mood.


Oyster Shucking



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Time for the fun part! Pull out your oysters and get ready to shuck shells. Follow these steps to learn how to shuck an oyster (or watch the video guide below)


1. Grab a cutting board, a tea towel, and a shucking knife.

2. Place the oyster on the towel, and fold the towel over top of the oyster.

3. Place the oyster in the towel with the hinged end facing your dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is going to hold the towel-wrapped oyster, while your dominant hand holds the shucking knife.

4. Apply pressure to the bill of the oyster with the knife at a 45° angle, and carefully wiggle the tip of the knife into the hinge.

5. When the knife is about a quarter inch into the shell, begin to twist and wiggle the knife until the oyster's hinge pops.

6. Run your knife under the top shell to cut the upper adductor muscle and release the top shell.

7. Remove the top shell.

8. Run your knife under the oyster meat to release the bottom part of the adductor muscle. Move the oyster within the shell to ensure separation.

9. Check for any shell fragments.

10. Enjoy!



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Dressed up oysters


While lavish attire can certainly make the evening more special, in this case we're talking about dressing up the oysters. The possibilities are vast... do you prefer to keep it simple with a Mignonette Sauce? Maybe bake Oysters Rockefeller, or throw them on the grill with Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper. Explore more oyster recipes here.


Dressed up oysters



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Clinking oysters cheers


Feast upon the splendor that you've created. Appreciate the time and treasure the experience. Pop that old bottle you've been saving for a special occasion. Slow down. Save the dishes for tomorrow. The night is yours.




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