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Whole Cooked Jumbo Dungeness Crabs


2 Whole Cooked Jumbo Dungeness Crabs (2 lbs or more each)

  • Frozen

  • Cooked, Ready to Eat

  • Individually Bagged

  • Wild Caught, Product of USA

  • 6 oz per serving

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These jumbo Dungeness crab aren’t your typical grocery store staple, weighing in at 2+ pounds each, some compare the crab’s meat to that of a Maine lobster, but more tender. Native to the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, Dungeness crab has long been a favorite of Pacific Northwest chefs. Growing in popularity, word of this secret delicacy has spread and Pacific Seafood is thrilled to bring Dungeness crab to seafood lovers worldwide. Its sweet, delicate flavor is perfect steamed and dipped in melted butter, or as the highlight of your favorite salad, pasta dish, or crab cake recipe.

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