Steelhead - Pacific Seafood


Oncorhynchus mykiss

Raised in the cool crisp waters of the Columbia River, Pacific Seafood’s Columbia River Steelhead are unique to the steelhead family, encapsulating the mystic of the Pacific Northwest wilderness and our commitment to responsible aquaculture with a 4-star BAP certification.

Beginning its lifecycle in our Washington state hatcheries under the watchful eye of caretakers, Pacific Seafood’s Columbia River Steelhead are given feed to mimic their diet in the wild. Once matured, our steelhead are transported to our farm, where they continue their journey developing in the nutrient-rich waters of the Columbia River.

The mighty Columbia River provides an ideal habitat for our Steelhead to grow and thrive in harmony with its surroundings. As the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia lends its pristine waters from the Rocky Mountains to our farm in Nespelem, Washington, a quaint community located on the Colville Reservation.

We deeply value our relationship with the Colville Confederated Tribes, which allows Pacific Seafood to hire tribal members. We are honored to be welcomed on their land and provide a proud product of the USA.



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