Sustainability Saves - Pacific Seafood

Sustainability Saves is Pacific Seafood’s annual, year-long campaign that aims to keep sustainability top of mind and bring the company together under one collective goal.

For 2023, Pacific Seafood is committed to reduce water usage by 16,000,000 gallons. That’s the size of 25 Olympic size swimming pools.

There’s no better time to commit to water conservation than now. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, as of July 2022 the states with the most severe drought conditions are California, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. Data from the EPA shows it may get even worse. At least 40 states are anticipating water shortages in 2024.

Pacific Seafood’s Water Conservation Guide
has all the tools you need to succeed

How you can help save water:


Turn off the spray before you walk away! Turning off hoses, sinks and other water sources is the easiest way to save water.

Other little changes to make a big difference:

3/4-inch hoses
Savings: 52% decrease in water use

Savings: 16% decrease in water use

Savings: 50% decrease in hose use

Water brooms
Savings: 78% decrease in water


Here you will find quarterly updates
to see how your efforts are contributing!