Food Safety - Pacific Seafood

When it comes to food safety, we know that not only is our reputation on the line but that of our customers as well. Our commitment is to provide the healthiest protein on the planet, and that starts with ensuring everything we provide is safe to eat.

From our in-house labs, portside inspections, and comprehensive product and process quality assurance, including QA evaluations every two hours, we meet and surpass state and federal industry standards. Many of our facilities are certified by multiple organizations which requires more stringent standards than the FDA’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. We have certified facilities that have to adhere to a rigorous, scientifically based method that recognizes competent food safety certification programs. Our highly trained and experienced QA teams are on site at all of our locations from our state-of-the-art processing facilities to our distribution centers, ensuring that all Pacific Seafood products are safe to eat.

Our teams are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of food safety by proactively working with the FDA to ensure we fully understand policy changes before they go into effect. In addition, we continually make investments in our QA efforts including proprietary cold chain technology, enhanced training, expansion of our QA teams, and new equipment.

Our quality assurance team consists of more than 50 dedicated team members whose top priority is ensuring that our products and the environment in which they are processed are free from any pathogens. Our efforts to keep such sterile facilities require about 100 swabs per week to ensure the processing facilities are pathogen-free. Keeping our facility pathogen-free also means any raw materials coming into our facility by a third-party (such as equipment and packaging) must be audited, and our suppliers must prove they can meet our stringent standards before we purchase any products from them.

Pacific Seafood also has dedicated sanitation teams at each facility which are supported by a Sanitation Manager who is part of the Support QA team. This ensures that all of our plants operate beyond the highest level of sanitation required by law.

When it comes to our cooked/ready-to-eat product, we have verification product testing to ensure it is pathogen-free and held at the correct temperatures.