Aquaculture - Pacific Seafood

While we are committed to sustainable harvesting and processing methods for our wild caught species, we know that wild fish alone cannot meet the growing demand for seafood. That is why we made the decision to expand our operations into sustainable farming through aquaculture.

Sustainable aquaculture complements wild stocks ensuring the broadest selection of species so all consumers can enjoy the bounty that the world’s oceans and rivers provide. Currently, half of global seafood consumption comes from aquaculture and it is the fastest growing food sector. Yet, the United States only produces 3.2% of global aquaculture supply and is also the largest importer of seafood products with 91% originating abroad. Increasing aquaculture operations in the United States provides year-round jobs and access to more U.S. sourced seafood.

Our aquaculture business is driven by industry best practices to ensure we are protecting and supporting sustainable resources, clean environments, and healthy habitats. We believe that this is an ongoing process that must be continuously improved.

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