The Diamond Philosophy - Pacific Seafood

The Diamond Philosophy

Developed by our CEO Frank Dulcich, our Diamond Philosophy is how we become integrated with the team at Pacific Seafood. It involves blending ourselves with the strengths of others and making ourselves vulnerable to what others do better. Our goal is to consistently understand that Pacific Seafood is an expression of each one of us as individuals and the way we live our Diamond Philosophy on and off the field of play. Toward that end, we hold each other accountable to our individual commitment of living the Diamond Philosophy and adhering to our mission of Operational Excellence.

“Our company can never be anything we do not want ourselves to be.”
– Frank Dulcich



Our teams are committed to being work groups whose relations meet our personal needs for belonging, contributing, making a difference and the opportunity to grow and be reasonably in control of our destiny. Participation in our teams offers the opportunity – and responsibility – to develop trust and influence management relative to our respective competencies. This includes being willing to accept problem-solving ownership.

Life is more than just reaching our goals. As individuals and as a team, we need to reach our potential. Nothing else is good enough. We must always strive to reach toward our own group potential. We take teamwork literally because no company can amount to anything without the people who make it what it is. This means organizing a group of people charged with creating solutions and executing for results. Excellence in teamwork leads to high performance, loyalty and trust – the baseline of a truly solid relationship. How we treat our vessel owners and crews affects the quality of the product we bring to the market; the same applies to our suppliers and vendors. Reliable service is a reflection of open communication and working together toward a common goal.


We continually review ourselves as a single product supply team to create ways for our products to flow effortlessly from our company to our customers. With operational excellence as our mission, Pacific Seafood is consistently re-engineering our work processes to be the most efficient, low cost, vertically-integrated seafood company in the world.


Pacific Seafood takes very seriously our responsibility to ensure high quality in every facet of our company – quality of people, quality of our products, quality of our attitudes and the quality of respect we accord each other and our customers. When we talk about quality, we mean the quality of our relationships with each other, our customers and the quality and honesty of our communication. The most important quality is upholding the promises that we’ve made to each other and our customers – we always aim to put forth the best for those around us. Along with our commitment to quality, we must have integrity toward one other and to our customers.


Excellence is consistently doing our best and always striving to do better.

At Pacific Seafood, doing just enough to get the job done is not acceptable. Average doesn’t cut it. Even good isn’t sufficient. We set a high standard for ourselves, and expect every team member in the company to meet or exceed our customer’s needs. This is what differentiates us from other companies in the marketplace.