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By Dennis Williams
Updated Feb. 2020

Supply of Medium and Large Long Line Kumamotos is EXCELLENT! Meat fill is outstanding also. These Humboldt Bay classics are the most recognizable oyster name! A must for every oyster board, great starter oyster and a must have for every oyster veteran.

Our farmers are raving about the meat fill on these!!! In the fall, we see an Amethyst hue in the shell…that’s how they got their name. Being a basket raised oyster, the cups are deep and they are well rounded.

Mad King
Being the “bigger brother” to the Amethyst, a Mad King is just a larger version of the Amethyst….but residing in Humboldt Bay longer it has a much more complex flavor profile, ya gotta have it on the menu board!


By Doug Roan
Updated Dec. 2019

It is presumed nearly 80% of the 2019 season has been completed. While some boats are opting to ‘carry over’ their final trip(s) into next season, others are dodging various weather events and heading out to sea. The last couple days have seen many vessels head out for what promises to be heavy landings on Thanksgiving week. Majority of landings have been from the Mid-Atlantic region where quality has improved substantially due to cooler water and air temps. The 10-20s & 20-30s prices have remained steady while jumbo scallops ie U-10 & U-12’s are firming. Nantucket Areas have seen an increase in 20-30’s and even 30-40’s while northern area U’s are all but none existent. We expect to see harvesting continue into the holidays.


By Doug Roan
Updated Dec. 2019

It has been a challenging year for lobster buyers. We are now in record territory for lobster tails and we are heading towards record territory again for lobster meat. Canadian catches have been strong and close to average for the trailing 2-3 years. However, catches in Maine this year have so far been well below expectations. Some estimates place 2019 landings 30-40% below trailing 2-3 year averages. This has left many of the USA lobster industry stakeholders wondering and worried about whether this could be the trend anticipated by some that lobsters will continue too migrate further north due to warming waters caused by climate change. One year does not make a trend, but it is certainly troubling to see. In addition to less lobsters being produced out of Maine this year, China remains a market disrupting buyer of live and frozen whole cooked and whole raw. Due to the 25% tariff imposed on lobsters from the USA, China has been buying almost exclusively from Canada. Due to the increased demand for live and whole frozen, less lobsters have been processed into lobster tails and meats. The large south west Nova Scotia lobster fishery was scheduled to start on November 25th, but was delayed due to high winds. The boats will likely all get out today. Typically, most of this fishery goes live as well unless the lobsters are too weak to make the trip overseas. The bottom line is, lobster meat and tails (especially large tails) are likely to remain short between now and next Canadian Spring season in May 2020. The high prices we are experiencing will likely have some affect on demand. However, there is a lack of cheap substitutes available as China has been actively buying live warm water lobsters from the Caribbean as well, which has decreased supply to the USA and pushed prices up into record territory.



By Jose Lara
Updated Feb. 2020

Venus Clams
Our Venus Clams are harvested in the remote waters of Salinas Bay, Sonora in the Northern Gulf of California right off the Sea of Cortez. Thanks to our partnership with the co-op formed by local village elders in the community of Campodonico, we are able to employ and support local workers from the local villages surrounding this virtually unpopulated area. Our clam diggers trek from the offload site through the mud and heat to harvest this product by hand before returning to the offload site to empty their bin and head back out into the clam beds. Our harvest site even received a remote certification due to the lack of human presence in the immediate areas around Salinas Bay.

A few showers have hit our clam harvest sites this past month not affecting supply. Crew numbers and supply remains very strong. Please promote with confidence and reach out to us for any ads or fast attack opportunities on Venus Clams. Clams will remain in strong supply and we are bringing product into the US. twice a week.

Venus Clam Sizes are as follows:
Smalls: 18-25 count
Mediums: 12-18 count (best available)
Large: 8-12 count

Pacific Shellfish Mexico Oysters
Offer something new to your customers with these 2 awesome oysters grown in the Sea of Cortez!
Supply will remain strong for the next 5 months with no interruptions.

Rocky Point Oysters-Available now!
Scientific Name-Crassostrea Gigas
Harvest Area-Sea of Cortez
Grow Method-Tray and basket finished
Farmed Raised –Sea of Cortez
Available at 2-4”

Kiss of the Sea Oysters- Available now!
Scientific Name-Crassostrea Corteziensis
Harvest Area-Estero Morua, Sonora & Altata, Sinaloa
Grown Method-Tray and basket finished
Farm Raised-Sea of Cortez
Available at 2-3”

Kumiai Oysters
Sourcing these from Baja Shellfish Company. Also strong supply right now are Kumiai Oysters. Raised on the Pacific Coast side of the Baja Peninsula in the Ojo De Liebre Biosphere Reserve, these oysters are tray grown and basket finished to ensure consistent and uniform shape and size. Kumiai Oysters are available in a 10 dozen box.

Mediterranean Mussels
Sourcing these from Baja Shellfish Company. These Mediterranean Mussels are currently unavailable until March. These mussels are rope grown off the bottom in the cold, nutrient rich open ocean waters of Rincon de Ballenas (Whales Cove). Due to the current in this part of the ocean, Whales Cove Mussels have a sweet flavor and clean ocean aroma that is favored amongst shellfish fans. We will advise as soon as Mediterranean Mussels are ready to be harvested again.