Sustainability - Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood’s Sustainability team is part of our broader Environmental, Health, and Safety department. The EHS Director sits on the Leadership Committee, the highest governing body at Pacific Seafood, demonstrating the commitment we have to sustainability. Pacific Seafood’s value chain extends from dock to dinner table, and we strive to integrate sustainability throughout all segments of our chain. The health of our oceans is at the heart of our sustainability programs, and that starts with our fisheries. Pacific Seafood only processes seafood that comes from sustainably managed fisheries under NOAA or Fisheries and Oceans Canada. With ocean health as our North Star, Pacific Seafood’s sustainability program has placed a priority on water, particularly with its intersection with our communities. We have launched programs like Sustainability Saves, where we are aiming to save 16.2 Million gallons in 2023, and have funded water infrastructure updates in Newport, one of our coastal communities.

We value and support all the communities we are a part of and seek out ways to positively impact them. Our mission is to feed the world the healthiest protein on the planet, and that drives our support of food banks where we have donated volunteer hours and a variety of protein to improve nutrition access to families and children in our communities. We have also hosted Annual World Oceans Day clean ups in our communities that have seen increased turnout and impact on the amount of plastic and waste we have collected to prevent entering the waterways that lead back to the ocean.

Finally, we look for any opportunity in our value chain to reduce our impact on the environment. We have implemented energy reduction projects at our distribution centers and hatcheries in partnership with programs like Energy350 and have implemented the use of SmartWay trucks for our fleet.

Pacific Seafood works collaboratively with the NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, the Regional Fisheries Councils, the states, and the NOAA Fisheries Policy Division to ensure our fisheries are robust and our stocks are sustainable long into the future. We also have a strong aquaculture program which helps to meet the global demand for seafood while keeping wild fisheries healthy. When managed carefully, both wild and farmed will thrive for generations. Today Pacific Seafood offers 34 MSC-certified species and 20 MSC-certified sustainable facilities, plus our BAP-certified steelhead farm. We recently became the first and only company to offer BAP four-star certified oysters in the world which has generated an incredible response from our customers and consumers.

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