Sustainability - Pacific Seafood

Sustainability is inherent in our approach to the way we work, carefully adhering to industry best practices. We continue to improve our efforts each day, to show results that earn the trust of our customers and consumers. We want the world to know that Pacific Seafood is fully committed to providing the marketplace with the highest quality, sustainable seafood now and far into the future. As a result, our work to insure sustainability for our products must be continuous.

Constantly working to “walk the talk” on sustainability is ingrained in our culture. We understand that sustainability is vital to the future of our fisheries and the legacy that we leave behind for generations to come.

Pacific Seafood works collaboratively with the NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, the Regional Fisheries Councils, the states, and the NOAA Fisheries Policy Division to ensure our fisheries are robust and our stocks are sustainable long into the future. We also have a strong aquaculture program which helps to meet the global demand for seafood while keeping wild fisheries healthy. When managed carefully, both wild and farmed will thrive for generations. Today Pacific Seafood offers 34 MSC-certified species and 20 MSC-certified sustainable facilities, plus our BAP-certified steelhead farm. We recently became the first and only company to offer BAP four-star certified oysters in the world which has generated an incredible response from our customers and consumers.

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