Pacific Seafood CSR Report 2022

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report TRANSFORMATION

At Pacific Seafood, we define excellence as “Consistently doing your best and always striving to do better.” What excellence means is doing your best every day to meet the needs of our customers and consumers. The past year was one of significant transformation, and we’re just getting started. As part of our mission “feeding the world the healthiest protein on the planet,” we reimagined how to make seafood more widely available across the United States. Thanks to our work with the USDA’s procurement program, more families and their children have access to Pacific’s healthy proteins than ever before. This year we doubled down on our commitment to sustainability efforts with the addition of two new members to our Environmental, Health and Safety team, who are dedicated to promoting sustainability company-wide. Both demonstrated their passion and drive for water conservation through our 2022 internship program. Their efforts, among others, were even highlighted by the Environmental Protection Agency when top leadership visited Pacific Seafood headquarters. Our team members transformed and created lasting relationships within the communities they serve, through two new company-wide campaigns. This year we launched World Ocean’s Day and National Seafood Month, two events that established new relationships in addition to our many community partners. As we look forward, transformation continues to be top of mind as we continue to find new ways to feed the world the healthiest protein on the planet. By following the Diamond Philosophy, Pacific Seafood team members are helping the company grow, change, and innovate. Sincerely, Frank Dulcich - President & CEO Frank Dulcich President & CEO of Pacific Seafood Group LETTER FROM OUR CEO

CONTENTS ABOUT US VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT 5 Feeding the World 6 Our Mission, Vision, Values 7 Our Value Chain 8 Keltic and Penn Cove 9 Our Locations 18 Quilcene LED Lighting 19 Electric Forklifts 19 Utility Dashboard 20 Energy 350 Partnership 21 PAC-12 Carbon Offset 22 Water Reduction Goal 23 EPA Visit 24 EHS Team Expands 28 Whiting Research 29 Newport Surimi Research 32 World Oceans Day 33 National Seafood Month 34 Charitable Giving and Volunteerism 35 Getting Involved 37 Community and Industry Involvement 38 Fleet and Fishermen 42 Safety Reduction Goal 43 Top Workplaces 43 401k Profit Match 44 George Fox Tuition Assistance 45 Team Blue 45 Courses Added to PSU 46 Record Breaking Internship 10 Support for Our Customers 11 New Products 12 USDA 13 Nationwide Shipping

ABOUT US 5 Feeding the World 6 Our Mission, Vision, Values 7 Our Value Chain 8 Keltic and Penn Cove 9 Our Locations 10 Support for Our Customers 11 New Products 12 USDA 13 Nationwide Shipping

5 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS FEEDING THE WORLD THE HEALTHIEST PROTEIN ON THE PLANET 1921 1941 1983 TODAY Pacific Seafood’s Founder, Frank Dulcich Sr., arrived in Portland, Ore., from Croatia, and set up a business buying fish on the Oregon coast and selling to smaller fish shops and restaurants. Along with the help of his son Dominic, Frank Sr. opened our first storefront, Pacific Fish & Oyster. A few years later, the store moved to its current location on Powell Street. 30 years later and we have transformed to more than 3000 team members in 44 facilities in three countries (United States, Canada and Chile), selling products across the U.S. and the world. Pacific Seafood expanded from distribution to processing with the purchase of our first processing plant in Warrenton, Ore. 3000 TEAM MEMBERS 44 FACILITIES 11 STATES 3 COUNTRIES Chile Canada United States

6 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS OUR MISSION, VISION, VALUES MISSION VISION VALUES “Feeding the world the healthiest protein on the planet.” “To be the brand of choice in the market and the employer of choice in the community.” “Consistently doing your best and always striving to do better.” Productivity Quality Teamwork Excellence

7 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS OUR VALUE CHAIN Our unique value chain allows us to track our product from dock to dinner table. The result is a fresh, sustainable, and high-quality product. Transparency and traceability are key to our supply chain, which is why we developed our own proprietary traceability technology which tracks any product we process from the water it was harvested in all the way through to the store where it is sold or restaurant where it’s served. We are proud that 640 independent commercial fishing vessels choose to partner with us in addition to our own fleet. Fishing/Harvesting Transportation Export Distribution Aquaculture Import Foodservice Retail E-Commerce Processing We process our products with the utmost care following stringent internal product quality standards following Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) principles in our operations. Our logistics team provides continuation of our cold chain, from our processing facilities to our distribution facilities, and directly to our customers. Our fleet of trucks distributes our products regionally throughout the United States. We proudly provide the highest quality products to expanding markets around the globe. Our hatcheries and farms employ industry best practices to ensure we protect and support sustainable resources, clean environments, and healthy habitats. Our global reach allows us to offer a wide variety of responsibly-sourced seafood from around the world to met the needs of a growing and demanding marketplace.

8 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS KELTIC SEAFOODS AND PENN COVE This past year, Pacific Seafood continued to grow with our acquisition of Penn Cove Shellfish in Coupeville, Washington, and Keltic Seafoods in Port Hardy, B.C. When the owners of Penn Cove announced their retirement in 2022, it seemed like a natural fit for Pacific Seafood to acquire full ownership, given the long-standing relationship between both companies. Penn Cove is now operated as part of Pacific’s Aquaculture Shellfish Division under General Manager, Svein Wiese-Hansen. In the fall, Pacific Seafood also acquired full ownership of Keltic Seafoods. Keltic Seafood management and structures have remained unchanged. CEO, Mickey Flanagan said he’s pleased to be part of the new Pacific team, who he has known for more than two decades. WA BC, CANADA KELTIC SEAFOODS Port Hardy, B.C. PENNCOVE SHELLFISH Coupeville, WA “We’ve been working together with Pacific since we started in 2000,” Mickey Flanagan Keltic Seafoods CEO

9 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS OR WA BC, CANADA CA AK AZ NV UT ID TX FL Westport Ucluelet Port Hardy Woodland Quilcene Shelton Warrenton Portland Redmond Boise Las Vegas Phoenix San Antonio Miami Grays Harbor South Bend Willapa Nespelem Boxley Springs Newport Bay City Humboldt Eureka Nikiski Seward Wrangell Galveston Shrimp Company Kodiak Sacramento Fresno Los Angeles Coos Bay Charleston Grants Pass Brookings San Francisco Spokane Tacoma Seattle Coupeville Salt Lake City Dallas Houston HI Kona Processing Aquaculture Distribution Cross Dock KEY: OUR LOCATIONS

10 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS SUPPORT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Certified Seafood Professional Species Reference Guide Pacific Seafood University Customer Campus For seafood department employees to learn the ins and outs of the industry including sustainability, harvest methods, and cooking techniques. Easily accessible compact guides that provide sustainability information, preparations methods, nutrition facts and more. Self-guided courses on product knowledge, seafood preparation, food safety training and customer service. CUSTOMER EDUCAT I ON SERIES Partnering with

11 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS NEW PRODUCTS Dungeness Crab Boil Fishtown Fertilizer Our consumer research team tracks the latest trends to satisfy consumer needs. This year we expanded our Pacific Seafood Dungeness Crab Snap & Eats with a new flavor. Snap & Eats are now available with Maryland-style seasoning and garlic parsley butter, two of the most popular and upcoming flavors. We aim for whole fish utilization even after processing. Our Fishtown Fertilizer is shellfish-based; made from leftover materials from Dungeness crab and Pacific pink shrimp. This organic product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, critical for growing strong and healthy plants.

12 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS USDA Through our work with the USDA procurement program, West Coast seafood products are available at food banks and school lunch programs in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In total, more than 1 million pounds of Coldwater Shrimp, 1 million pounds of Rockfish, and 3 million pounds of Pacific Whiting were served, with even more planned for the future. The USDA’s 2022 awards were handled by almost 745 seafood processing employees in production plants along the West Coast, and the product was harvested by 18 whiting boats, 25 shrimp boats, 17 rockfish boats, who collectively employ more than 300 fishermen. These boats are homeported in a number of different ports and harbors including: • Astoria, Oregon • Charleston, Oregon • Newport, Oregon • Eureka, California • Warrenton, Oregon • Westport, Washington pounds of Coldwater Shrimp pounds of Rockfish pounds of Pacific Whiting Whiting Boats WHICH EMPLOYS MORE THAN Shrimp Boats Rockfish Boats Fishermen PACIFIC SEAFOOD SERVED MORE THAN THE PRODUCT WAS HARVESTED BY 1,000,000 1,000,000 3,000,000 18 300 25 17

13 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS NATIONWIDE SHIPPING Our company continues to broaden its reach to those who may not have easy access to West Coast seafood products. Pacific Seafood Shop began in 2020 at the start of the pandemic to meet the demand for online shopping. In 2022, we expanded our eCommerce business to 48 states. 9 States 48 States VISIT OUR SHOP BEFORE NOW

SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT Sustainability is inherent in our approach to the way we work, carefully adhering to industry best practices. We continue to improve our efforts each day, to show results that earn the trust of our customers and consumers. We want the world to know that Pacific Seafood is fully committed to providing the marketplace with the highest quality, sustainable seafood now and far into the future. As a result, our work to ensure sustainability for our products must be continuous. 18 Quilcene LED Lighting 19 Electric Forklifts 19 Utility Dashboard 20 Energy 350 Partnership 21 PAC-12 Carbon Offset 22 Water Reduction Goal 23 EPA Visit 24 EHS Team Expands

15 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Our Certfications Protecting Fisheries Sustainability Partnerships Preventing Entanglements Pacific Seafood offers 50 certified sustainable species, in addition to our 28 certified sustainable facilities. These third-party organizations certify that sustainable harvest methods are used, limit the amount of fish harvested each year to keep fisheries abundant, care for the surrounding environment, and fair treatment of workers. These partnerships allow us to continually improve our sustainability efforts, provide resources, and support our customers. Pacific Seafood works with the Dungeness Crab Fishing Gear Working Group in California to reduce the risk of entanglements in Dungeness crab fishing gear and provide guidance to the crab fishing industry about how to avoid or minimize entanglements. To ensure stocks are sustainable long into the future, Pacific Seafood works with the NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, the NOAA Fisheries Policy Division, Regional Fishery Councils, and several state environmental departments, including Fish and Wildlife. Promotes sustainable wild fishing practices. 22 facilities | 46 species Promotes the best environmental and social choice when buying seafood. 3 facilities | 2 species Outlines standards for each type of facility, from hatchery and feed mill to farm and processing plant. Marine Stewardship Council Aquaculture Stewardship Council Best Aquaculture Practices 3 facilities & farms | 2 species Pacific Seafood became the first and only company to offer BAP four-star certified oysters. Pacific Seafood became the first company certified to offer BAP four-star steelhead. 2018 2021

16 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Aquaculture Our aquaculture business is driven by industry best practices to ensure we are protecting and supporting sustainable resources, clean environments, and healthy habitats. When managed carefully, both wild and farmed stocks will thrive for generations. Aquaculture is Efficient!* *sourced from Global Aquaculture Alliance Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen Phosphorus CO2 N P Cattle Production Food Production & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Farm Salmon Production 7x 4x 2.5x Cattle FEED CONVERSION RATIO Estimated feed required to gain one pound of body mass. Hogs Broiler Chickens Farm-Raised Fish 6.8 lbs 2.9 lbs 1.7 lbs 1.1 lbs Groundfish Revitalization Sustainable Labor PAC-12 Team Green Sustainability starts with our team members. All Pacific Seafood owned facilities are in full compliance with U.S. and local labor laws. We also require our suppliers to be in compliance with all human rights laws, including, without limitation, prohibitions on child labor, slavery, and human trafficking, in the countries in which it does business. Our suppliers are subject to random inspections by our team members to ensure compliance. Pacific Seafood is a proud official partner of Team Green, an initiative of the PAC-12 that supports green and sustainability initiatives on college campuses. Pacific Seafood partnered with Positively Groundfish to revitalize the West Coast fishery and ultimately securing its MSC certification. Today, the groundfish stock is more abundant than ever. WATCH VIDEO

17 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Whole Fish Utilization Annually we prevent more than 80 million pounds of rest protein from entering U.S. landfills by turning fish waste such as skin and bones into usable products like fish meals and oils. Energy Reduction Commitment Emissions Reduction We are an approved carrier of SmartWay, an EPA program to help improve supply chain efficiency. In 2021, Pacific Seafood headquarters in Clackamas lowered energy consumption by 15% and those savings continue annually. EACH YEAR WE PREVENT MORE THAN 80million pounds of rest protein from entering U.S. landfills by Making useable products like fish meals, oils, FERTILIZER, and even PET FOOD! 290 Trucks 120 Trailers WE HAVE A FLEET OF MORE THAN & 15% Energy consumption at corporate headquarters STARTING IN 2021

18 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS QUILCENE LED LIGHTING We are proud to partner with the communities we serve to find solutions to reduce our energy consumption. Over the summer, Pacific Seafood’s facility in Quilcene, Washington reduced its energy usage by 75%. As a producer of more than 50 billion oyster larvae each year, this facility uses high-powered lights to support oyster seed growth. Our team members in Quilcene partnered with the local utility provider, Jefferson County Public Utility District to find ways to reduce energy consumption. Thanks to this partnership they were able to reach this goal by replacing large metal 1,000-watt halide bulbs with energy-efficient 205-watt LED bulbs. This change is projected to save more than one million kilowatt-hours of electricity in just one year. 75% Quilcene Energy Usage PROJECTED TO SAVE more than 1MILLION KWH HOURS of electricity in 1 YEAR SUMMER 2022

19 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS UTILITY DASHBOARD Pacific Seafood uses electric forklifts at our Clackamas and Warrenton facilities to reduce carbon emissions. By enrolling in the Oregon Clean Fuel Program, the company is also able to receive credit for those efforts. The program encourages reductions in carbon intensity by allowing a fuel provider to sell credits they have earned by going beyond the reduction goals for that year. By using electric forklifts, we are not only reducing emissions, but protecting the health and safety of our team members. In order to achieve our sustainability goals, Pacific Seafood is continuously working to improve gathering utility data. Our utility dashboard currently serves as a monthly utility usage update, where companywide data from the month prior is compiled and posted online. This data allows us to find areas where water and energy usage can be reduced, in turn protecting valuable resources for the communities we serve. UTILITY DATA/ DASHBOARD WATER ENERGY

20 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS ENERGY 350 PARTNERSHIP To continuously improve our energy reduction efforts, Pacific Seafood headquarters in Clackamas, Ore. partnered with Energy 350, an organization based in Portland, Ore., dedicated to finding new and simple ways to reduce energy. Since our partnership began in September, Energy 350’s efficiency experts have visited the Clackamas facility to find new and simple solutions to save energy. The goal is to reduce energy usage by 3.5% by the end of the year. As we look to promote our energy efficiency culture to Pacific Seafood team members, we are planning additional facility walkthrough events at our headquarters to gather ideas from our team members and industry professionals to create additional solutions to promote energy savings. + What Energy 350 program provides? ENERGY STUDIES APPLICATION REVIEWS SITE INSPECTIONS MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS

21 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS PAC-12 CARBON OFFSET As the Official Meat and Seafood Provider of the PAC-12, we’re using our partnership to spread sustainability awareness. Thanks to this partnership, the 2022 PAC12 Championship was the first ever carbon neutral game. Pacific Seafood purchased carbon offsets from United Green Energy to offset emissions from the event’s operations. Those offsets promote the development of renewable energy sources and reforestation efforts across North America and around the world. FIRST-EVER carbon neutral Power 5 conference title game!

22 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS 2023 WATER REDUCTION GOAL As part of our responsibility to protect our natural resources, Pacific Seafood has committed to reducing water consumption by 16,200,000 gallons. Our EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) Team is working with our facilities nationwide to make this goal a reality. While the company has set this goal, Pacific Seafood team members actively look for solutions to save water. 16,200,000 GALLONS OUR GOAL CONTINUE TO REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION BY A MINIMUM OF

23 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Our EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) and Quality Assurance teams work with each Pacific Seafood location to ensure we are not only passing regulatory, safety, and sustainability audits, but doing so with flying colors. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) selected Pacific Seafood as a company to highlight when leadership from Washington D.C. visited Oregon. We were selected for our water conservation and pollution reduction work through our partnership with the OASE (Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience) internship program and Oregon Sea Grant. We have partnered with OASE and Oregon DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) for the past three years to host interns, who dedicate 10-weeks to water conservation and pollution prevention research. The OASE internship program is a grant funded program through the EPA and Oregon Sea Grant. “The staff at Pacific obviously cares about sustainability and pollution prevention, and that has been a really supportive environment for our interns,” Jenny Engels OASE Program Assistant Pacific Seafood has offered job positions to several of OASE interns, including Derek Yau, Value Creation Quality Lead in Clackamas, Ore., who said the program helped him gain valuable business experience. Our partnership with OASE and the Oregon Sea Grant continues, as we advance our company’s sustainability goals. “That is the most exciting part. It’s not just a one and done. They’ve put their energy and their passion and everything into it to make it successful,” Lisa Cox Oregon DEQ Sr. Toxics Reduction Analyst EPA VISIT WATCH VIDEO “OASE really helped me broaden my horizons in terms of understanding how sustainability can take many different forms and how it specifically interacts within a business. That’s something I learned about and probably wouldn’t have learned about without this internship program,” Derik Yau Value Creation Quality Lead

24 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS While we broaden our sustainability efforts, Pacific Seafood’s sustainability team is also expanding. The EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) team, added two new team members dedicated to sustainability. Lauren Pavilionis and Elysa Carter were hired to join the EHS team after the completion of Pacific Seafood’s internship program. During that time, both focused on providing water reduction and energy solutions for the company. Pacific Seafood leadership was so impressed by their work, Lauren and Elysa were offered full-time positions. EHS TEAM EXPANDS “Having effective management systems assists us in being really good stewards to the environment because we’re reducing our potential for pollutants,” said Lauren. “Expanding the EHS team shows the momentum this company has for committing to sustainability across the board.” “When the pandemic came along, I decided I wanted to transition back into my passions which were the environment and the ocean,” said Elysa. “I think with the expansion, it shows Pacific Seafood is putting sustainability towards the top and it’s not just to meet standards; it’s to redefine what those new standards should be.” As Operational Excellence Improvement Specialist, based in Clackamas, Lauren’s focus is on improving sustainability and chemical management company wide. For Environmental & Sustainability Specialist, Elysa Carter, promoting sustainability isn’t just a part of her job, it’s her passion. Lauren Pavilionis Elysa Carter EHS NEARLY DOUBLED IN 2022

VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) Our Value, Creation, Quality Assurance Team’s top priority is ensuring our products, and the environment in which they are processed are free from any pathogens, such as listeria and salmonella, and are of the highest quality possible. In accordance with our company philosophy of consistently doing your best and always striving to do better, our VCQ team is continually researching ways to add more value to our products and maximize natural resources. 28 Whiting Research 29 Newport Surimi Research

26 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS We continue to invest in our Quality Assurance team to provide the best product and stay on the cutting edge of food safety. We require regular environmental and pathogenic testing for verification based on a thorough sampling plan designed to detect any potential sanitation issues. Our cooked/ready-to-eat product is tested daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure its safety as well. Food safety starts before the product hits our facilities. That’s why we take proactive measures to stay at the forefront of safety. We work closely with the FDA to ensure we fully understand policy changes before they go into effect. In addition, we continually make investments in our quality assurance efforts including proprietary cold chain technology, enhanced training, expansion of our Quality Assurance teams, and new equipment. BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM (BRC) UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE SEAFOOD INSPECTION (USDC) PROGRAM SAFE QUALITY FOOD (SQF) HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS (HAACP) NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION (NSF) Food Safety

27 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Sanitation Accuracy Trusted Supplier Partners Our sanitation team of more than 130 team members executes our Master Sanitation Program which includes up to 20 steps for effective cleaning and sanitization of our equipment. Daily, processing equipment is broken down, sanitized, and tested for pathogens. Suppliers must prove they can meet our stringent standards before we purchase any products from them. Our first process in ensuring quality product is checking for accuracy. By conducting routine species identification and lab testing we can guarantee product and label integrity. • Regular DNA and net weight tests • Minimum of 120 frozen receiving checks per year • Minimum of 12 full product inspections at our distribution sites per year All Pacific Seafood supply partners are reviewed by our Quality Assurance team, and screened for any previous food safety rejections, alerts, or recalls on FDA or similar food safety lists from other countries. In order to align with our company’s quality standards, we make sure any potential supplier is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified. These standards are verified weekly. Each shipment also requires a Positive Release Form, which shows it passed testing requirements (that vary by species) and includes: • Meeting testing standards for product type (i.e. ready-to-eat or farm-raised) • Quality Assurance report with product pictures and identification labels • Assigned date coding for traceability • Documentation of any required verification such as Seafood Import Monitoring Program Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 STEPS TO ENSURING QUALITY PRODUCT Verify Product DNA Testing Ensure Weights Fresh Locked Technology In 2020 we debuted our three step Fresh Locked Technology, which extends shelf life and ensures superior quality. SUPER- CHI LL TECHNOLOGY Pacific Seafood Rockfish Portions: After 25 Days Industry Standard Rockfish Portions: After 25 Days

28 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS WHITING RESEARCH Research continues on the potential antiaging effects of Pacific whiting. As part of our work with Oregon State University’s Seafood Research & Education Center in Astoria, researchers found evidence to suggest the gelatin in the skin of Pacific whiting can prevent skin wrinkling caused by ultraviolet radiation. The next step is additional research to determine the best method (general consumption, supplements, topical) to harness the benefits. WHITING SKIN BENEFITS “Fish skins are an abundant resource that we already know have valuable nutritional properties, But we wanted to find out what additional potential value might be found in something traditionally considered a byproduct.” Jung Kwong Lead researcher and associate professor at Oregon State University Reactivated to a certain level the collagen synthesis pathway that had been suppressed by UV radiation. Prevented activation to a certain level of the collagen degradation pathway that had been accelerated by UV radiation. Promoted additional anti-oxidant activity. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells. Promoted additional anti-inflammatory effects.

29 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS NEWPORT SURIMI RESEARCH For Pacific Seafood, innovation doesn’t stop at creating new products for human consumption. Research spearheaded by Bing Brackeen, Category Manager in Warrenton (Pacific Bio Products), found previously disposed surimi “waste” can be successfully utilized for animal feed. Bing co-authored, “Evaluation of two types of ingredients from marine fish rest raw materials in broiler diets: effects on live performance and meat lipid composition,” published in the Journal of Applied Poultry Research. This study investigated the effect of feeding Pacific Surimi’s wastewater meal to chickens. A quantitative trial at OSU’s Poultry Research Center in Corvallis showed the material can be utilized as an animal feed ingredient for increasing animal performance (e.g., weight gain and feed conversion ratio), and enriching edible tissues with significant levels of healthful omega-3 fats. By discovering new uses for this raw material such as ingredients in pet food, animal feed, aquaculture feed, fermentation, and beauty products, it prevents additional waste from entering landfills. READ ARTICLE A quantitative trial was held at OSU’s Poultry Research Center NEW USES FOR RAW MATERIAL Pet Food Animal Feed Aquaculture Feed Fermentation Beauty Products

COMMUNITY Our work in the coastal communities where we do business is critical to the longevity of our company. The fishing history in these towns goes back generations and has created a sense of pride that contributes to their unique fishing culture. While the economy may be thriving in larger urban areas, some smaller coastal towns are still struggling to survive. 32 World Oceans Day 33 National Seafood Month 34 Charitable Giving and Volunteerism 35 Getting Involved 37 Community and Industry Involvement 38 Fleet and Fishermen

31 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Newport Water Fund COVID-19 Food Insecurity WE DONATED to Northwest Harvest & Oregon Food Bank 74,000 STEAKS $240,000 to help Newport, Ore. upgrade its aging water infrastructure. WE DONATED MORE THAN & 8,000 FILLETS 2020

32 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS WORLD OCEANS DAY As a company that relies on clean waterways to provide the healthiest protein on the planet, we dedicate time to keeping the ocean healthy. On June 8th, team members participated in Pacific Seafood’s first-ever company-wide World Oceans Day trash pickup event. More than 100 team members volunteered their time to pick up debris from nearby beaches, water ways, and surrounding streets. In 2022 alone, they prevented tires, wires, plastic, metal, Styrofoam, cigarette butts, and various other trash from becoming aquatic waste. In total, our team members prevented more than 500 pounds of trash from entering our oceans. from entering our oceans! 100+ TEAM MEMBERS 500 lbs OF TRASH WATCH VIDEO COLLECTED MORE THAN

33 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS NATIONAL SEAFOOD MONTH As part of our commitment to helping the communities we serve, Pacific Seafood continues to grow our relationships with various organizations, including food banks. In October, we launched a company-wide campaign to assist local food banks for National Seafood Month. In total, team members packed 13,000 pounds and donated 1,900 pounds of food for their food bank partners, along with countless other volunteer opportunities. For many Pacific Seafood locations this event led to lasting relationships and many more donation and volunteer opportunities. of food for their food bank partners, along with countless other volunteer opportunities. 13,000 POUNDS 1900 POUNDS TEAM MEMBERS PACKED DONATED &

34 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS CHARITABLE GIVING AND VOLUNTEERISM We support and contribute to more than 160 organizations, including Make-a-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House and more. CONTRIBUTED TO MORE THAN 160 ORGANIZATIONS

35 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS This year, Pacific Seafood team members in South Bend, Ore. helped a local baseball team make memories of a lifetime by donating 10 gallons of oysters. The team hosted an oyster feed and raised enough money to take a trip to the east coast. Players visited the Baseball Hall of Fame among other monuments, memorials, and museums. Our Warrenton, Ore. location sponsored a local high school’s fisheries fundraiser, an event that began as the idea of a Pacific team member’s daughter. The dinner and auction event ultimately raised $100,000 for the expansion of the school’s hatchery and tank, creating space for more students and species! We were proud to sponsor the OMSI Gala 2022: Renaissance. The event raised over $1.1 Million in support of science education in a single night. GETTING INVOLVED Oyster Donation OMSI Gala Warrenton High Fisheries Fundraiser Pacific Seafood team members get involved within their communities. They show even the littlest events can have a big impact. 10 GALLONS OF OYSTERS $1.1 MILLION DOLLARS WE DONATED $100,000 DOLLARS WE RAISED WE RAISED OVER

36 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS This fall, Pacific Seafood was proud to sponsor the 10th Annual Quilcene Oyster Races in Quilcene, Washington. Along with providing oysters, Pacific Seafood backed major funding for educational scholarships. Pacific Seafood Mukilteo supports first responders. They had the largest turnout yet for their Annual Police and Firefighter BBQ, this fall. Pacific Seafood’s Fish Peddler Bay City team served clam chowder and shrimp cocktail to honor local veterans. Quilcene Oyster Races Stepping Up and Serving Veterans Police and Firefighter BBQ

37 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS • Barview Area Charleston Area Parks Association* • Bay Area Chamber of Commerce • California Dungeness Crab Fishing Gear Working Group • California Fish and Seafood Institute* • California Salmon Council • Canada/US Pacific Hake Treaty Team* • Canadian Groundfish Conservation Research Society* • Commercial Industry Caucus* • Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue* • Coos Bay Coast League* • George Fox University School of Business* • Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative • Groundfish Industry Advisory Board* • Groundfish Special Industry Committee* • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation* • Make-A-Wish, Oregon* • Midwater Trawlers Cooperative • Newport Chamber of Commerce • NOW (Northwest Oregon Works)* • Northwest Aquaculture Alliance* • Nutritional Seafood Council Task Force* • ODFW-Market Squid Advisory Panel • Oregon Albacore Commission • Oregon Dungeness Crab Entanglement Advisory Committee • Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission • Oregon State University Food Innovation Center • Oregon Trawl Commission* • Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association* • Positively Groundfish* • Seafood Nutrition Advisory Council* • Shoreside Whiting Cooperative* • South Coast Cal Ripken* • Sport Oregon* • Tillamook Chamber of Commerce* • Tillamook County Fair • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology • Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce* • West Coast Seafood Processor Association* • Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan Advisory Group* COMMUNITY AND INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT Pacific Seafood is proud to be active in many organizations that aim to strengthen our community and the seafood industry including: *Indicates a leadership position in that organization

38 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS FLEET AND FISHERMAN We recognize the fishing industry as a integral contributor to the economic success of the many communities we serve. That’s why we work directly with more than 640 independent commercial fishing vessels, in addition to our fleet, who are all part of the Pacific Seafood family. We invest in coastal communities by partnering with state and local governments to develop marine infrastructure, support innovative new economic development opportunities, as well as reinvest in processing capacity to ensure that local fishermen have markets to offload their catch. WE WORK DIRECTLY WITH 640 INDEPENDENT COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS

TEAM MEMBERS 42 Safety Reduction Goal 43 Top Workplaces 43 401k Profit Match 44 George Fox Tuition Assistance 45 Team Blue 45 Courses Added to PSU 46 Record Breaking Internship

40 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Women in Leadership Full Tuition Grant Program TRACI CHIDESTER BECOMES FIRST FEMALE GENERAL MANAGER OF PACIFIC SEAFOOD IN CLACKAMAS 2021 STARTED IN 2020 Pacific Seafood is committed to growth in female leadership. Offered through our partnership with the University of Arizona Global Campus. Full Tuition Grant Program Includes: COURSE MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY GRADUATION FEES “I hope that I am able to inspire anyone within Pacific Seafood that has ever been interested in going back to school or finish a degree to want to go do it. I also hope that I inspire the people younger than me in their undergraduate or high school to see there are different avenues of being able to finish your degrees and they can all be right.” Jordan Caddel VCQ Manager

41 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS Servant Leadership Program Team Blue Leadership Program Management Development Program Develops managers with the mindset of serving their teams. Develops frontline team members in order to promote from within. A program to develop team members. In-person kickoff with six months of online coursework. Pacific Seafood University More than 1,000 self-service trainings available for team members and customers. MORE THAN self-service trainings available for TEAM MEMBERS and CUSTOMERS 1,000 Session 1 Session 2

42 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS SAFETY REDUCTION GOAL We’re always looking for ways to continuously improve safety for our team members. Because of those efforts, Pacific Seafood had a 46% reduction in our Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) in 2022 compared to 2021. We take pride in having an injury rate below the industry average but continue to look for ways to make Pacific Seafood the employer of choice in the community. 2021 2022 46% TOTAL RECORDABLE INJURY RATE (TRIR)

43 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS TOP WORKPLACES Pacific Seafood was recognized for the second year as a Top Workplace based solely on employee feedback. Pacific Seafood was selected for its unique culture and dedication to growth and development. 401K PROFIT MATCH As a family-owned and operated company, we recognize the importance for team members to save for their own future, as well as their families. That’s why we continue to have one of the most competitive employee benefit packages and give back up to 20% of our profits to our team members each year through 401K contributions and incentives. UP TO to our team members 20% OF OUR PROFITS

44 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS FULL TUITION GRANT PROGRAM EXPANDS WITH GEORGE FOX UNIVERSITY We continue to support the personal and professional development of Pacific Seafood team members by expanding our Full Tuition Grant program. In addition to our partnership with the University of Arizona Global Campus, Pacific Seafood partnered with George Fox University to offer two employer-sponsored opportunities to advance education. Accelerated Adult Degree Program 14-Month MBA Program Team members can finish their degree with a fully online program that’s designed for working adults. In partnership with Pacific Seafood, George Fox University offers students their full support. Team members have an enrollment counselor walk with them every step of the way and are connected with a cohort of peers who are also working to complete their degrees. 91% of students who start a cohort finish their degree. This part-time accelerated program allows team members to complete their MBA in just 14 months, while having the flexibility of a fully online format or conveniently scheduled classes. of students who start a cohort finish their degree 91% 14months COMPLETE YOUR MBA IN JUST

45 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS TEAM BLUE COURSES ADDED TO PSU Pacific Seafood continues to develop team members with our Team Blue program. It helps develop emerging leaders from our frontline teams, allowing us to build bench strength and promote from within. Soon after completing his Team Blue course, Nephi Lo, based in Sacramento, was promoted from Order Selector to Compliance Manager. He was a part of a group of 11 team members who all graduated the course. This was his most recent achievement with Pacific Seafood. He has been promoted to various positions since he started his journey with Pacific Seafood. We continue to add fresh content on Pacific Seafood University. New courses were added in 2022, including a new TED Talk category. Our online portal features more than 1,000 self-service trainings on products and species, as well as our industry, customer support, leadership, time management, and more. MORE THAN self-service trainings 1,000 PROGRAM FACILITATED AT ALL OPERATIONAL LOCATIONS NEPHI LO Promoted from ORDER SELECTOR to COMPLIANCE MANAGER

46 SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT VALUE CREATION & QUALITY (VCQ) COMMUNITY TEAM MEMBERS RECORD BREAKING INTERNSHIP Pacific Seafood is committed to recruiting top talent and developing our future leaders, which is why our internship program continues to grow. We welcomed a recordbreaking group during our 2022 Internship Program with 26 students involved. Each year, our paid internship program provides meaningful, real-world experiences to graduate and undergraduate students. The program provides students the opportunity to achieve educational and professional goals, while also allowing them to learn about the food industry. As a project-based program, interns get to work with cross-functional teams across the company to identify innovative ways to improve our current processes. 26 STUDENTS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 2022 OUR SESSION 1 WINNER: Hannah Ackerman Social Media Intern Clackamas, Oregon OUR SESSION 2 WINNER: Reilly Evermore Water Conservation Intern Charleston, Oregon

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